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Vasilis Stamatis

Vasilis Stamatis

Born in Greece, Vasilis is a composer and researcher whose work reflects his wide-ranging interests in the realms of music and technology. His compositions, inspired by a fusion of contemporary harmony and Balkan folk influences, have been presented in various countries including Greece, the UK, USA, Italy, Austria, and Germany. Included among his compositions are esteemed commissions from the Austrian Embassy in Greece and the Ionian University.

Vasilis obtained his Master’s in Composition from Kingston University in 2004. Thereafter, driven by a passion for exploring music’s interplay with modern technology, he founded Cirquito, a multimedia ensemble, in 2007. Through this platform, he creates innovative multimedia performances that blend music, technology, and live acting.

Vasilis served as a research fellow at the University of the Aegean, where he later completed an interdisciplinary PhD in 2015. His research sits at the intersection of music, technology, and narrative, producing numerous scholarly papers presented at international conferences such as the Music Research and Activism at the University of Helsinki. His exploration into computer music as a 21st-century folk art showcases his forward-thinking approach.

As a composer, Vasilis often engages with classical and historical art forms, setting them to new music. His projects have included the composition of new music for ancient dramas, classical literature, and silent films. Over the course of his career, he has composed music for 14 theatre plays, 4 multimedia shows, 6 silent films, 1 dance choreography, and a variety of works for chamber ensembles, orchestras, and choruses, as well as mixed means.

Vasilis is also a committed educator. He has dedicated over 15 years to using composition as an instructional tool, fostering an appreciation for music and its creation through workshops in digital performing arts, electronic post-minimal music, and music technology. His teaching spans a broad range of topics including composition, music technology, harmony, counterpoint, orchestration, and music theory.

From 2008 to 2015, Vasilis served as the Artistic Director of the Ionio Classical Music Festival «Paolo Carrer» in Zakynthos. In this role, he persistently advocated for the significance and elegance of classical music and organised a piano competition, fostering talent and enthusiasm for the classical arts. His leadership helped to enhance the festival’s standing and contribute to its success.

In the creative industries, Vasilis has been actively involved since 2007, serving as a Project Manager and Funding Consultant at 7 Points Creative Expression. His extensive experience in this field has led him to become an expert evaluator for entities such as the European Commission Research Executive Agency and the European Education and Culture Executive Agency. Vasilis bridges the realms of culture, tourism, new technologies, and the economy, leading a multitude of innovative projects.

Currently, Vasilis contributes as the Director of Quality, Strategy and Innovation at the International School of Musicians, an international performing arts exam board. Additionally, he serves as the Managing Director at the Centre for Music Research and Education.

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