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Competition Rules

Art. 1

All participants in Gran Premi Musical Lauredia 2023 must accept these rules and regulations. Noncompliance with them may result in the participant’s disqualification without the right of appeal. 

Art. 2

The competition is open to musicians from all countries who are not older than 36 on the date of the beginning of the competition. Previous 1st prize winners of the competition cannot take part in further editions.


Gran Premi Musical Lauredià 2023 will be structured in three rounds: Preliminary Round (Online), Semifinal Round (in person), and Final Round (in person)

Art. 4

The order of appearance of the candidates selected for the Semifinal Round will be established by drawing lots. Competitors must be present at this moment, unless for a valid reason, in which case a staff member will be designed to draw on the competitor’s behalf. 

Likewise, competitors must perform at the designated time, unless their absence is due to a valid reason. In this sense, the organisation may modify the order of appearance of the competitors at its discretion, notifying the changes well in advance to the affected participants.

Art. 5

GPML welcomes performers of the following instruments: piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, guitar, and accordion (the organisation will provide pianos, but will not facilitate any other musical instrument for the candidates).

Art. 6

Each candidate is free to choose the repertoire, which can be for solo instrument, or for instrument and piano accompaniment. However, GPML does not provide a piano accompanist, so each soloist must bring his/her own, at his/her own expense.

Art. 7

Performance by heart is not required, but please be aware that GPML will not offer a page-turner (iPads and Tablets are allowed). Pieces may be performed with or without repeats, always respecting the minimum/maximum playing time specified. The jury reserves the right to stop the candidate if the performance exceeds the time limit.

Art. 8

All candidates selected to for the Semifinal round must pay a participation fee of 70€ as soon as they receive the corresponding payment link. There is no fee for taking part at the preliminary round.

Art. 9

Each applicant must complete the application form in order to be considered a candidate. On the contrary case, materials will not be reviewed and the applicant will not be considered for the competition.

Art. 10

For applicants needing a visa, the organisation will send an official invitation letter. However, in order to get the visa on time, we recommend to send all materials as soon as possible. The organisation will be allowed to accept such candidates before the deadline with the purpose of facilitating the visa application process.

Art. 11

By taking part in the competition, all candidates allow GPML to use the candidate’s image for recordings and pictures made during the competition and the assigned concerts.

Art. 12

In the case of unexpected events, the management reserves the right to postpone or cancel the competition. In case of competition cancellation, the registration fees will be refunded.

Art. 13

Concert prizes:

a) By accepting the prize, winners guarantee to take on the concerts: failure to hold one concert will result in losing the corresponding part of the prize money and the prize concerts can be assigned to other prize-winners.

b) At the prize concerts, winners undertake to perform the musical repertoire for which they were awarded in the competition unless otherwise agreed with the Artistic Direction of the competition.

c) The musicians performing in the concert prizes must be the same as those who were awarded by the jury. This also applies to the accompanying pianist. Any changes must be communicated promptly and authorised by the Artistic Director.

d) The cash prize includes travel expenses: the organisation does not cover the travel expenses for the concert prizes.

Art. 14

The jury reserves the right to assign ex-aequo prizes or not to assign the prizes. At its sole discretion, the Artistic Direction may also award prize concerts to second or third-prize winners.

The Jury reserves the right to not award the Prizes if it deems the candidates not deserving.

Art. 15

The most outstanding candidates suggested by the jury may be recommended to international concert seasons and management agencies to promote their concert activity and career.

The decisions of the Jury are final.

Art. 16

It is not allowed to communicate with the members of the Jury until the end of the competition.

Participants who follow regular studies with any one of the jury members at the time of the competition cannot take part in CPML.

Josep Majoral Obiols