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June Fileti

June Fileti

Dr June Fileti is the managing director of the International School of Musicians (ISoM), based in Newham, East London.

June began her performing career as a woodwind specialist in London’s many West End theatres playing in musicals for over ten years along with playing baritone sax in the quartet ‘Saxyfaction’, a regular on the cabaret circuit and in the London Jazz Orchestra.
Leaving the performing world to focus on pedagogy, June has over 30 years of experience in music education, leading government initiatives specialising in the primary classroom and as a senior examiner in the performing arts sector. She has a doctorate from Nottingham Trent University, which resulted in an action research study that provided cultural capital and social justice for children in music education in 65 primary schools in Newham.
Her research interests are in education, assessment and learning technologies that support and enhance the cultural field of music education for both the learner and teacher. June has presented and published papers at the European Association for Music in Schools in Latvia (2018) and Sharq Taronalari Conferences in Uzbekistan (2017, 2019 and 2021). Most recently, she presented her research on post-colonial cultural hegemony in music education at the North American British Music Studies Association (NABMSA) conference at Illinois State University (July 2022) and at The Music, Research, and Activism conference at the University of Helsinki (May 2023).
June’s ethos is rooted in accessibility and inclusivity and, through ISoM, breaking down barriers to provide world-class music education and assessment opportunities globally for everyone through digital innovation.

June’s skills as a professional musician and educator are in much demand, acting as a jury member and sponsor for the 17th Hong Kong (Asia Pacific) Piano Competition (2021) and the 6th Bauhinia String Competition (2021). She co-created the first-ever Youth Music Competition 2022 in Sri Lanka, appearing on several media outlets promoting the competition and acting as a senior member of the grand jury.

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